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Versuch einer wissenschaftlichen Antwort
Series: Science Studies
Corona und die Verdichtung der Kasernierung in Pflegeheimen
Apokalyptische Krisenhermeneutik in der modernen Gesellschaft
Unsere Welt nach der Pandemie - Perspektiven aus der Wissenschaft
Interdisziplinäre Betrachtungen
Analysen zur Lage und Perspektiven für die Zukunft
Wie die Lebensmittelkonzerne den Süden erobern und arme Menschen krank machen

Preface This is a study about how The Bronx overcame one of the biggest socio-eco- nomic crises in the late twentieth century through artistic creativity, commu- nity resilience, and cultural innovation. While finalizing the manuscript for publication in Spring 2020, my thoughts are with residents in The Bronx, in New York City, and beyond as they deal with the novel coronavirus pandemic. As this book shows how people inThe Bronx have overcome crises of the past, I hope that it will inspire them in the present time and in the future.     Sina A. Nitzsche Dortmund


STATEMENT / In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Europe’s Last Chance / 15 peace report / 2020 We cannot write an analysis of the state of peace in the world in spring 2020 without mentioning the coronavirus pandemic. The force with which the COVID-19 crisis impacts and suppresses other issues is overwhelming. The virus, which first emerged in China, has spread rapidly across the whole globe. Efforts to hinder its progress have entailed a huge curtailment of civil liberties. Social distancing has become the new form of coexistence. Speculation on falling

Policies, Creative Industries, and Media Consumers, edited by Noboku Kawashima and Hye-Kung Lee, looks at the topics of national cultural policies and urban strategies in Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore; Asian creative indust- ries; and demand, reception, and engagement of Asian media consumers. The international roster of contributors, mostly Asian, makes the volu- me a welcome addition to the literature. Despite globalization, technolo- gy, and the ease of mobility our world, in general, has enjoyed (up until the current pandemic), there are still