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Skateboarding in Pedagogical Production Tim Bindel & Niklas Pick Youthful, cool, creative and lively – skateboarding can be associated with attrib- utes which can also evoke institutional-pedagogical desires. This is especially in- teresting in sports didactics, a field that is not merely limited to a canon of clas- sical club sports. Motoric learning and creative space appropriation automati- cally become objects of teaching, whilst lifeworld orientation (cf. Zander, 2017) exists in any event, because skateboarding is considered to be a youth

2 From Crystallography to Pedagogy The pedagogue and crystallographer Friedrich Fröbel is responsible for the presence of the sets of building blocks, known as building Gifts, in today’s kindergartens, which he conceptualized between 1828 and 1852. Fröbel developed a set of learning materials, called Gifts and Occupations and founded the first kindergartens as an alternative to the Prussian institutions for the education of young children. Before dedicating his life to pedagogy, Fröbel studied natural sciences at the University of Jena and later chemistry

. Pedagogy of imagination: political activism in Doris It’s a fas ci nat ing form of ac tiv ism, one that might be de scribed in terms of mi cro po li tics, a po lit i cal ap proach that em pha sizes in di vid ual ac tions and choices made with in a fe mi nist in ter pre tive frame work (Bud geon, 2001: 20). Cer tain ly this is part of what’s go ing on in Do ris: Crabb has de vel oped an ex plic it ly fe mi nist frame work, one which is broad-based and his tor i cal ly in formed. She has stud ied the his tory of fem in ism along with the his tory of other so cial jus

895 Radical Pedagogy under the Migration Regime URI ELLIS In the years 2003-2007 I was involved in an educational project in a public school in South Tel Aviv. Because of the poor neighborhood the school was in, it served a variety of underprivileged populations: children of poor “Mizrachi” families – a general name given to Jewish immigrants from Arabic countries - , new immigrants from the former USSR, Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship, and a large group (about thirty percent), are children of migrant workers. Together with a group of young

Into the Darkness: Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy for a Socialist Society A 1 Manifesto* Peter McLaren We are here, right now at this very precipitous moment, living in the fetid anti-Kingdom of Trumpland. We are armed with the counter-knowledge of the subaltern in our texts of counterinsurgency, languishing in some alternative rhetorical site where we are preoccupied with our catechrestic labeling of this or that aspect of imperial epistemic violence, pre- constituted by the limits of the ivory tower that has become our prison. So let‘s not be so smug

144 Counter-Mapping for Resistance and Solidarity in the Philippines Between Art, Pedagogy and Community Arnisson Andre C. Ortega, Ma. Simeona M. Martinez, Cian Dayrit, Kristian Karlo C.Saguin Counter-Cartography Is Education 145 Mapping is a deeply political practice. Especially when considering how it is embedded in the reproduction of power in the Philippine context. Historically, mapping can be linked to colonial exploits and imperial pursuits as it attempts to represent colonized popu- lations and places within a legible territory conducive for exploita

Experiences from Educational Fields
Ein Arbeitsbuch
Series: Pädagogik
Zeitgenössische Romane und erziehungswissenschaftliche Theoriebildung
Interkulturelles Lernen am Beispiel der musikalischen Früherziehung in Südkorea
Series: Pädagogik