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6. Academic lecture: “Experimental physics 1” 6.1 cre atIng a conte x t and fr amIng the strIp The academic discipline experimental physics is a relatively new research field ensuing from the Humboldt Reforms of German universities at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Relating to a research perspective corresponding to the performative turn, this academic discipline is of special interest for two reasons in particular. On the one hand, the discipline reckons itself among the established natural sciences, which, to borrow the words of Ryle, “model

An Introduction into the Physics of Self-folding Thin Structures 175 Lorenzo Guiducci, John W. C. Dunlop, Peter Fratzl An Introduction into the Physics of Self-folding Thin Structures Introduction Spontaneous folding of matter has long been the subject of disparate branches of research, from the earlier vitalistic view of Leibniz1 to the mathematical description of morphoge- netic processes of D’Arcy Thompson.2 Today, scientific advancements have shown how folding is a common strategy adopted in biological systems to build up more and more complex structures

Zur Geschichte des Instituts für Physik der Atmosphäre in Oberpfaffenhofen
Series: Science Studies
Liminal Spaces of Individuation in American Literature 1990-2015
Series: Lettre
Über die innere Notwendigkeit renitenten Randgeschehens für die Autopoiesis von Funktionssystemen
Series: Science Studies

telecommunication technologies, exemplified by Minitel computers, and serves as basis to describe the postmodern condition. Today this materiality is often referred to as ‘the digital’. In order to enter into a dialogue with Lytoard, and to render his notion of ‘immaterial materials’ contemporary, this article con- trasts the concept of relational materiality with some current discourses on digital physics (Edward Fredkin, Gregory Chaitin) and digital textuality (Matthew Kirschenbaum). Against the con- ventional conception that relations are immaterial (neither being a

Interaktionen in Alltag, Therapie und Kunst
Qualitäten der gravitas in Pina Bauschs Orpheus und Eurydike
Series: TanzScripte, 53
Eine interdisziplinäre Annäherung
Series: Pädagogik

- len Dokumentation komplexer Artefakte der bildenden Kunst. Jüngste Veröffentlichung: mit Anne Dippel: Interfe- rences and Events: On Epistemic Shifts in Physics through Com- puter Simulations, Lüneburg (meson) 2017. ZfM18_innen_final.indd 212 22.03.18 09:48