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False Enemies of Stability in the Political Philosophy of the Heterogeneous Tatiana Weiser 1 »Man’s urge for change and his need for stability have always balanced and checked each other, and our current vocabulary, which distinguished between two fractions, the progressives and the conservatives, indicated a state of affairs in which this balance has been thrown out of order.« hannah arendT, crisis oF The republic (»civil disobedience«) COnfliC t aS anOmy vS mOtivatiOn fOr Change In her reasoning on civil disobedience Arendt wrote: »…Even under the

Foucault, Deleuze, Badiou
Die Furcht vor der Freiheit bei Kant, Hegel und vielen anderen
Zur Narration von politischer Emanzipation bei Sigmund Freud, Thomas Mann, Michael Walzer und Paolo Virno
Modes of Embodied Politics
Mental and Manual Labor in the Contemporary Political Crisis
Narrative and Autoethnography as Theory
Für eine post-neoliberale Welt
Marx, Nietzsche und die Emanzipation des Nichtidentischen in der politischen Theorie
Beiträge zur politischen Theorie im Anschluss an Jacques Derrida