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DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 2, Issue 1 | © transcript 2016 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2016-0108 Casual Power Understanding User Interfaces through Quantification Alex Gekker Abstract The paper draws parallels between quantification as found in the user interfaces of video games, to similar elements of more “serious” devices, in particular mapping and navigational platforms. I present an autoethnographic study of a mundane experience that would be familiar to many Google Maps users: locating a nearby place of inter- est and figuring out how to reach it. The

Art Power Boris Groys Introduction The first thing one learns by reading the majority of texts on modern and contemporary art is this: both modern and — even to a greater extent — contemporary art are radically pluralistic. This fact seems to preclude once and for all the possibility of writing on modern art as a specific phenomenon, as a result of the collective work of several gene- rations of artists, curators, and theoreticians — for example, in the same manner in which one would write on Renaissance or Baroque art. At the same time it also precludes

Power/Play Dialog in der Straßenbahn zwischen einem Per former und zwei Philosophinnen bei der Abreise vom Festival [soundcheck philosophie] #4: Macht_Denken! Rainer Totzke »Ich habe nichts Schwieriges und schon gar nichts Anspruchsvolles zu sagen, als einziges Verdienst möchte ich dafür in Anspruch nehmen, daß es stimmt – wenigstens teilweise.«1 (John L. Austin) 24. April 2016, nachmittags Philosophin 1: Eine gelungene Veranstaltung insgesamt, finde ich. Philosophin 2: Ja, das sollte wiederholt werden. Das Theater ist echt ein guter Ort, der ›Denkraum

Mastering Politics
Heteronormativität und Bürgerlichkeit in der modernen Liebesgeschichte

78 | Power and its Logic circumstance is highly relevant in terms of power strategy. Anyone who has the authority to interpret the past of a community or country can narrate it as a con- tinuous success story, as a struggle against hostile powers or as a series of injus- tices and crimes.40 As a result of the story told, the status quo of power politics can be preserved, the population can be mobilized for war or the groundwork can even be laid for a political and economic fresh start. The control of the culture of remembrance thus contributes “to the

Space, Power, Transgression NIKITA DHAWAN THE PRODUCTION OF SPACE Every society, understood in terms of modes of production and social regimes, is spatialised in a unique way. Critical theorists of space1 highlight how space and power work in tandem so that the space of a society is formed as per the codified logic of modern power implemented by the interests of hegemonic groups like, for example, capitalists, bureaucrats, city planners. This spatial code regulates everyday life of citizens and subalterns. Any discussion of space must address

Reading African American Literature and Culture with Bourdieu and Elias

Chapter 9 Feminism and Class Power* 1 bell hooks Revolutionary feminist thinking has always raised the issue of classism among women. From the onset, there has been a struggle within feminist movement between the re- formist model of liberation, which basically demands equal rights for women within the existing class struggle, and more radical and/or revolutionary models, which call for fundamental change in the existing structure so that models of mutuality and equality can replace old paradigms. Just as militant black liberation struggle calling for an

Gendered Geographies of Power Ein Modell zur Analyse von Bildungsmigration und Geschlecht am Beispiel von Malaysia und Singapur Viola Thimm In Asien leben circa die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung und fast zwei Drit- tel der weltweiten Arbeitskräfte.1 Die besondere Geschwindigkeit und das besondere Ausmaß an ökonomischen, politischen, sozialen und demo- grafischen Veränderungen in Asien führen seit den 1960er-Jahren zu Arbeitsmigrationen, und zwar sowohl innerhalb einzelner als auch zwi- schen verschiedenen Staaten. Dabei bildete sich in den letzten Jahrzehn- ten