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Risk and Resilience Dominik Collet Urban Fragility and Persistence Cities have always been identified as volatile environments. The urban concentra- tion of people and materials that created so many opportunities also generated new risks of its own: from fast-spreading fires and epidemics to pollution and the dependence on imports and exports. At the same time, cities have proven to be extraordinarily resilient. Between 1100 and 1800 only 42 cities worldwide were not rebuilt after catastrophes or destruction. After 1800 this striking resilience of ur- ban

Actors, Narratives, and Temporalities
Series: Urban Studies

No Comply. The Resilience of Skateboarding Culture Sebastian Schweer INTRODUCTION In 2002 the Swedish skateboarder Pontus Alv began producing experimental and at times irritating skateboard-art-videos in which he processed his father’s and his grandparents’ death. The skateboarding portrayed in his videos did not match the criteria of mainstream skateboarding and took place at unknown Scandinavi- an spots or at self-build concrete ramps, so called do-it-yourself spots (DIY spots), erected in industrial wasteland. A couple of years later Alv

Neurosis as Resilience in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Diasporic Short Fictions ANGELO MONACO “I am neurotic. I could never settle down in ei- ther the country or the city.” SYLVIA PLATH, THE BELL JAR THE NEW INDIAN DIASPORA BETWEEN MODEL MINORITY AND SENSE OF LOSS The 2012 survey on immigrants of Asian origin, provided by the Pew Research Centre, reveals that Asian Americans are “the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States” (Pew 2013). Asian Americans embody the neoliberal success of model minority migrants

Globale Herausforderungen und lokale Resilienz im Schweizer Hochgebirge
Umweltinnovationen und die Grenzen sozial-ökologischer Resilienz
Series: Science Studies
Deutungsmuster der Katastrophe und ihre Institutionalisierung im Katastrophenschutz
Series: Science Studies
Southeast Asia as a Laboratory of Global Ecological Change
Series: Global Studies
Philosophie und Zukunftsforschung jenseits von Statistik und Kalkül