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Subjects, Representations, Contexts
Political Humor in the Arab Uprisings
How the Black Panthers Challenged White Supremacy

A Festival of Resistance Poetic Documents of the Revolution LIZA FRANKE “Peacefulness does not mean surrender.”1 INTRODUCTION The turn of the year 2010-2011 marks a special era in the history of the modern Middle East. Tunisia was the first of several Arab countries which experienced an uprising of its people that resulted in the downfall of the respective regime. Egypt followed this development with massive demonstrations that led to the overthrow of the then president Hosni Mubarak. What all of the political unrests in the region have in

(Pre-)Enacting Resistance? Protest and the Means of Staging SUSANNE FOELLMER On February 4th, 2017 an organisation called The Coalition coordinated a protest against Donald Trump’s politics as president of the United States of America. It was to take place at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, and thus in the direct neighbour- hood of the US American embassy. The protest especially addressed his proclaimed travel ban on citizens from seven so-called Muslim countries (which was aban- doned the night before the protest happened) as well as against the

Foucault, Deleuze, Badiou

More than Resistance Striving for Universalization Alex Demirović 1. Social protest, dissent, non-conformism, subversion, sabotage, rebellion, revolt, disobedience, and resistance: over the last years and even decades these terms and concepts have been widely discussed within social movements, their associated critical theory and social analysis. Subversive action should question normalizing social dispositives, delegitimize state violence, and erode social customs. It should loosen the naturally appearing relationship between signifier and signified

Chapter 5: Resistance in Control Societies At the end of the last chapter it was concluded that the learner rather than the militant provides the better model of a subjective figure of resistance. It is a better model because it is less tied to the dogmatic claims of truth animating Badiou’s account of the relationship between the event and the subject. Rather than being seized by a truth that is rationally discernible within certain rare political events, the learner is able both to make sense of what has happened to forge regimes of knowledge and power

5. Das Vichy-Regime und die Resistance 5.1 Das Ereignis in der Geschichtsschreibung Mit der Invasion Frankreichs durch die deutsche Wehrmacht am 10. Mai 1940 begann das Trauma der Besatzung. Den französischen Truppen, die sich in den Festungen der Maginot-Linie eingeigelt hatten, gelang es nur wenige Wochen der deutschen Wehrmacht zu trotzen. Eine Massen- flucht der Bevölkerung setzte ein, systemisch bombardiert von deutschen Tieffliegern. Nach der Besetzung von Paris am 16. Juni trat die nach Bordeaux geftüchtete Regierung Reynaud zurück. Tags darauf bot

141Niko Paech 142 People, Flags, Bridges: Transformation through Resistance Fatma Korkut The public sphere has never been as densely and diversely occupied as it has been in Turkey’s recent history. The summer of 2013 was marked by Gezi Park protests and the undeniable presence of alternative lifestyles (›apolitical‹ youth) as well as by police brutality with theirs tear gas and water cannons. Three years later in the summer of 2016 the people of Turkey witnessed an intervention of crowds to a military coup on the night of July 15th. Hundreds of