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Zur Produktion einer Erfolgsgeschichte in der deutschen Geschichtskultur

about an explosion of selfishness and greed (see Ditchev 2011: 196-206). On the level of the neighborhood, the cooperative way of construction encour- aged social mixing, because of the diverse competencies required to build a house in a shortage economy.4 By comparison, the apartments in the high-rise complexes were most often given to people from a similar milieu, if not from one single pro- fession. Let me illustrate this point with Losenez.The cooperative building constructed by my parents in 1955–57 had the following the social composition: my father was an

accompanying retirement: even though academy members’ pen- sions were relatively high, there were many things in the shortage economy of the USSR that money could not buy, at least not legally. The memorandum, Fedoseev further informed, also contained provisions that concerned the recruitment of graduates, postgraduate students and trainees. In contrast to what Marčuk’s reformer team originally proposed, no uniform quota was mentioned anymore: 5 percent was described as an “approximate” figure Changes in Soviet Academia’s Age-Related Personnel Policies | 105 and an