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Military Museums and Social History Barton C. Hacker, Margaret Vining Frontispiece: Furniture from General Pershing‘s headquarters at Chaumont, France, framed the original map displaying allied and enemy dispositions on 11 November 1918 in this recreation of the general’s map room for the 2002 exhibition West Point in the Making of America at the National Museum of American History. © Armed Forces History Division, National Museum of American History, Washington, DC. Armies have always played central roles in civilized societies and so the material culture

7. The social history of play: Auckland a city of managed childhood?1 “The opacity of historical processes derives from the fact that human actions are the non-random and yet never rationally mastered product of countless self- obscure encounters between habitus […] and social universes […] in which they realize their potentialities, but under the constraint of the structure of those universes, receiving from that dual necessity their specific historical logic […] which cannot be deduced, but can be understood.” (Bourdieu, 2000: 116) Although

Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants
Histories of Repair, Reuse and Disposal
Series: Science Studies
Business as a Motif in American Fiction, 1865-1929
A Study of Environment and Everyday Life
Series: Sozialtheorie
Autobiographie und Professionsgeschichte
AIDS-Prävention in der Bundesrepublik 1981-1995
Series: Histoire, 184
Intellektuelle Kämpfe um Tanzkultur im Zeichen des Peronismus
Series: TanzScripte, 23
Series: Sozialtheorie