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Social capital and social inequality Corporate networks in Germany and the United States (1896-1938) PAUL WINDOLF 1. SOCIAL CAPITAL IN ECONOMIC SOCIOLOGY1 In recent decades, the term „social capital“ has become a key concept in the social sciences (Lin 2001; Burt 2005; Franzen/Freitag 2007). Particularly in economic sociology, numerous studies have been published that prove the critical importance of social relations for the efficiency of markets and or- ganizations. However, social capital is defined in very different ways, as the

Energy Consumption Practices and Social Inequality The Case of Low-Income Households Karl-Michael Brunner, Anja Christanell, Markus Spitzer “Energy […] penetrates significantly into almost all facets of the social world. Life-styles, broad patterns of communication and interaction, collective activities, and key features of social structure and change are conditioned by the availability of energy, the technical means of converting energy into usable forms, and the ways energy is ultimately used.”1 This quotation clearly shows that energy is a basic

re-produce social inequalities. Introduction In 2000, together with Nod Miller and Peter Senker, we co-edited a book called Technology and In/equality, Questioning the Information Society (hereafter T&I). It is still in print, has received some good reviews (e. g. Perelman 2001; Wajcman 2001; Lax 2002; Karl 2003), sold over 1000 copies, was widely used in teaching in the first years after its publication, and has been cited about 340 Flis Henwood and Sally Wyat t184 times.1 The book was produced in the late 1990s by a group of colleagues working in the

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