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The Possibilities of Economic Difference? Social Relations of Value, Space and Economic Geographies Roger Lee INTRODUCTION “Craft Fair[s] ... are all over the place ... this year. Every school and church hall is hosting one, for which – geographically and horologically bounded as I am ... – I am very grateful. A craft fair feels like the optimal level for capitalism. I’m happy that we’ve moved away from barter – because ... I have very short arms and there’s a very definite number of piglets I could carry to market ... – but ... anything

), mobile (e. g. flight restrictions, ground traffic), and social (e. g. bystanders) dimensions demand attention. Furthermore, when drone operators share their aerial images online, visual (e. g. live stream) and cyber-social relations (e. g. comments, scrutiny) come into play, which may similarly impact the drone practice in terms of the pilot’s performance. While drone hobbysists appear to be interested in keeping a “low profile” in the physical space, many pilots manage a comparatively “high profile” in the virtual sphere with respect to the sharing of their

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