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Geo-Politics, Dissensus, and Dance Citizenship: The Case of South Asian Dance in Britain AVANTHI MEDURI This paper takes as example the case of Indian dance forms relabelled as South Asian dance genres, to discuss questions around political mobilization of dance in Britain in the late 1980s. I use Jacques Rancière’s concept of ‘dissensus’ (Rancière/Cor-coran 2010) to elaborate my preliminary thoughts on the inter- connections between politics, aesthetics and political subjectification and draw on my initial research (Meduri 2008a; 2008b; 2010; 2011a

Chapter 1 Sufi Regional Cults in South Asia and Indonesia: Towards a Comparative Analysis Pnina Werbner Introduction To compare Sufi orders across different places separated by thousands of miles of sea and land, and by radically different cultural milieus, is in many senses to seek the global in the local rather than the local in the global. Either way, charting difference and similarity in Sufism as an embodied tradition re- quires attention, beyond mystical philosophical and ethical ideas, to the ritual performances and religious organizational

Ästhetische Erfahrung in kollektiven religiösen Praktiken
Coping with Marginality, Stigma and Illness
Kulturelle Geographien des Rechts und der Ökonomie am Beispiel südasiatischer Migrationsgeschichten
Friendship Patterns among Young Academics in Urban India
Actors, Narratives, and Temporalities
Series: Urban Studies

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Table of Contents Introduction 7 SAMULI SCHIELKE AND GEORG STAUTH Part 1: Conceptual Spaces Chapter 1 Sufi Regional Cults in South Asia and Indonesia: Towards a Comparative Analysis 25 PNINA WERBNER Chapter 2 (Re)Imagining Space: Dreams and Saint Shrines in Egypt 47 AMIRA MITTERMAIER Chapter 3 Remixing Songs, Remaking MULIDS: The Merging Spaces of Dance Music and Saint Festivals in Egypt 67 JENNIFER PETERSON Chapter 4 Notes on Locality, Connectedness, and Saintliness 89 ARMANDO SALVATORE Part 2: Contested Places Chapter 5 Saints (awliya’), Public

6 Literaturverzeichnis Agwani, Mohammed Shafi (1986): Islamic Fundamentalism in India. Neu Delhi: Twenty-First Century India Society. Ahmad, Aziz (1977): Muslim Kinship Terminology in Urdu. In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 20 (3), 344-350. Ahmad, Imtiaz (2004): Introduction. Understanding Islam. In: Helmut Rei- feld/Imtiaz Ahmad (Hg.): Lived Islam in South Asia. Adaptation, Accomo- dation and Conflict. Delhi: Social Science Press, xi-xxv. Ahmed, Ebrahim (o. J.): Zeenat-ul-Islam Mosque. Kapstadt: Selbstverlag. Anthias