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A Youth Culture under Pressure from Commercialization and Sportification
Series: KörperKulturen

Skateboarding between Subculture and Olympic Games Jürgen Schwier INTRODUCTION Skateboarding, along with surfing, is one of the first movement activities that, since the 1950s, have produced an unconventional alternative to the standardised world of modern sport and alternative interpretations of moving. From a sports, sociological and economic perspective, both skateboarding and surfing can also be described as long-term niche trends which, in terms of their attractiveness and circulation, now exhibit several wave movements. Beyond these

The Olympic Skateboarding Terrain between Subculture and Sportisation Veith Kilberth AREAS OF CONFLICT BETWEEN SUBCULTURE AND SPORTISATION The current debate surrounding skateboarding’s 2020 debut as an Olympic dis- cipline reveals new opportunities for skateboarding, but also polarised responses to the processes of adaptation and conformity inherent to institutionalised sports. Ultimately, this adds pressure to the very habitus of skateboarding, as it has to be reconfigured at a fundamental level. How exactly do these transformative forces

Guerrilla Gardening. Political protest, or mainstream-compatible, watered-down, wannabe subculture? Julia Jahnke The need to define... What are we talking about and why? Well, of course we should always strive to know what we are talking about and also try to make sure that we have the same understanding as the person we are talking to. In scientifi c writing, it is a rule that we defi ne our subject(s) before we go deeper into the issue. With guerrilla gardening, I feel like that there are still very vague ideas about what it “is” and what it “isn’t”, for

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