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II.3 The Theory of the Axial Age Revisited from a Theological Perspective GEORG ESSEN In view of the topic of our conference I will refrain from a comprehen- sive reconstruction of the idea of the axial age. Instead, I will restrict myself to emphasizing some aspects that are essential for my theologi- cal disciplinary approach to our topic. If I develop in the following some aspects usually connected with axial age theory, I refer both to Karl Jaspers as well as to Shmuel Eisenstadt, without wanting to blur any differences between them.1 In

71 Sentimental Contracts The Affective Narrative Structure of Puritan Covenant Theology in Jonathan Winthrop’s A Model of Christian Charity 1 DAMIEN B. SCHLARB Sentimental Contracts In 1628, John Endecott and a group of wealthy English Puritans decid- ed to act on the changing the political and religious climate. Charles I’s ascension to the thrown and subsequent disbanding of Parliament sig- naled to religious and political dissenters that they would face difficult times under his rule. The English Civil Wars that took place about a decade

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