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Ganzheitliches Wohnen zwischen Raumbildung und Menschwerdung
Series: Urban Studies

Queer Urban Spaces in New Delhi Negotiating Femininity, Masculinity and Thirdness from a kothi perspective Janina Geist Based on the ethnographic data of kothi-identified Sandy and h/er1 »life world«2, I will concentrate in this article upon two issues: first, on the per- formance of gender and gender roles; and second, on hierarchies visible in different queer spaces in New Delhi, India.3 For this inquiry, I pose the fol- lowing questions: Which spatial practices of belonging and ›place claiming‹ do the actors in the various different spaces experience

53 Remapping the Geopolit ics of Terror: Uncanny Urban Spaces in Singapore LISA LAW This paper considers urban conflicts as embedded in a range of geopolitical scales. Using post-9/11 Singapore as a case study, it is argued that the barri- cading of spaces deemed vulnerable to terrorist attack summons layers of his- torical division, connection, and affiliation—but these do not always include Washington at their geopolitical centre. Instead, urban tensions in Singapore are shaped by the uncanny return of the ghostly past, raising questions about

Metropolis in Transformation: Cinematic Topologies of Urban Space LAURA FRAHM Whenever cinema brings a new cinematic city to light—be it an imagined metro- polis that is captured on screen or be it the cinematic reinvention of an already well-known metropolis—it inevitably amplifies and changes our spatial percep- tion. From the very beginning, films have aimed at grasping and deciphering the complex spatial processes that underlie the metropolis, cutting their way through the thicket of metropolitan life. For cinema allows us to wander around and

67 Cultural Homogenisation, Places of Memory, and the Loss of Secular Urban Space ANIL BHATTI Postcolonial India’s myth of secularism assumed that the planned evolution of the good society would be accompanied by the gradual marginalisation of contradictions between religions, languages, and cultural specificities. Bom- bay became symptomatic of this myth in film and folklore. Against this back- ground, cultural homogenisation and identity-based politics occupy places of memory and heritage sites leading to the contestation of heterogeneous and

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 3, Issue 1 | © transcript 2017 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2017-0109 Urban Hacking and Its “Media Origins” Angela Krewani Abstract This essay traces the genealogy of urban and mobile media hacking. It is argued that the forerunners of urban hacking were artists active within the Fluxus scene and Viennes Actionism. Their artis- tic practices can be seen as precursors for more recent interventions in public and particular urban spaces which have been described as “urban hacking.” These developments appear genealogically and are

Perspectives of Cultural Sciences on Urban Slum Areas and Their Inhabitants
Post-Foundational Geographies
Raum-Erleben zwischen Welt und Bild. Las Vegas, Washington und die White City
Public Istanbul
Spaces and Spheres of the Urban
Series: Urban Studies