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Cultural History in Europe

Institutions - Themes - Perspectives

Funded by: Knowledge Unlatched - KU Select 2016: Backlist Collection
Edited by: Jörg Rogge

What is the current state of discussion in Cultural History? Which European institutions engage exclusively in Cultural History and which topics do they address? And how will Cultural History develop in the future?
These and other questions are raised by European scholars in the discussion of Institutions, Themes and Perspectives of Cultural History in this volume. It provides a profound overview of contemporary developments in Scandinavia, Finland, Great Britain, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain.


»Wer sich [für] Fachgeschichte, Stand der Forschung und der Institutionalisierung des Forschungsfeldes Kulturgeschichte in Europa interessiert, der ist mit diesem Band gut bedient.«
Silke Göttsch-Elten, Zeitschrift für Volkskunde, 108/II (2012)

Reviewed in:

Zeitschrift für Internationale Freimaurerforschung, 16/32 (2014), Astrid von Schlachta

Edition: 1. Aufl.
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