Test Cover Image of:  Die Sicherheit der Menschenrechte

Die Sicherheit der Menschenrechte

Bekämpfung des Menschenhandels zwischen Sicherheitspolitik und Menschenrechtsschutz

The adoption of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in 2000 led to an increasing institutionalization of the policy of combatting human trafficking in the field by numerous national and international actors. Bärbel Heide Uhl investigates the political and institutional discourses of human trafficking for the first time in a zone of tension: How to constitute the political concepts of human rights protection and security policies against human trafficking? These are often perceived as antithetical. A critical reception of human rights theories and the notion of security actually reveals a complicity with respect to both concepts, the consequences of which develop the political and administrative identity of the »traded people«.


»Das vorliegende Werk gibt einen exzellenten Einblick in die Entwicklung der Menschenrechtspolitik um die Jahrtausendwende, gerade in Hinsicht auf Menschenhandel.«
Wolfgang Berg, www.socialnet.de, 24.07.2014

Besprochen in:

Wissenschaft & Frieden, 3 (2014)
Portal für Politikwissenschaft, 30.10.2014, Christian Patz
International Journal of Refugee Law, 27/2 (2015), Dorothea Czarnecki

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