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Neue Muster, alte Maschen?

Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Verschränkungen von Geschlecht und Raum

Edited by: Sonja Lehmann, Karina Müller-Wienbergen, and Julia Elena Thiel

From the sports trend of parkour, via the Old Testament, up to the Berlin squatting scene - the different contributions to this volume take up the challenge of rethinking questions about the entanglement of space and gender. Predominant interpretations of current societal phenomena as well as established research topics are examined in order to trace gendered power structures. Thus, resistant moves/tricks (Maschen) and powerful games/acts (Muster) are found in a wide range of topics reaching from observations of performative acts and discourse structures all the way to medial treatments. Introductory comments by Nikita Dhawan, Antje Flüchter, Stephan Günzel, Sabine Hark, and Helga Meise frame the contributions.


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