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Subjects, Representations, Contexts

Funded by: Knowledge Unlatched - KU Select 2016: Frontlist Collection
Edited by: Martin Butler, Paul Mecheril, and Lea Brenningmeyer

All around the world and throughout history, resistance has played an important role - and it still does. Some strive to raise it to cause change. Some dare not to speak of it. Some try to smother it to keep a status quo.
The contributions to this volume explore phenomena of resistance in a range of historical and contemporary environments. In so doing, they not only contribute to shaping a comparative view on subjects, representations, and contexts of resistance, but also open up a theoretical dialogue on terms and concepts of resistance both in and across different disciplines.
With contributions by Micha Brumlik, Peter McLaren, and others.


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IDA-NRW, 3 (2017)

Edition: 1. Aufl.
Audience: Professional and scholarly;