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Inflation der Mythen?

Zur Vernetzung und Stabilität eines modernen Phänomens

Edited by: Stephanie Wodianka and Juliane Ebert
In collaboration with: Jakob Peter

It would seem that anything can become an »everyday myth«. But even in modernity, not everything becomes a myth - and not every modern myth is perishable in the same way. How does the apparent inflation of the mythic in modernity relate to its possible permanence? Which institutions, media, discourses, aesthetic strategies or historical constellations contribute to their persistence? The articles in this collection display, in an exemplary fashion, connections and relationships which exist between mythical figures, places, events, things and concepts of modernity, and which promote their relative stability.


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DHIVA, 9 (2016), Ulrich Brömmling

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Edition: 1. Aufl.
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