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Über die Machteffekte einer neuen Regierungsform des Städtischen

In recent years, the `creative city' has become a kind of mobile policy, which has spread across the globe, promising to solve municipal problems. Its strategies and programs serve in many places as peerless, shining examples of urban policies. How is this globally circulating model of politics locally implemented, and to what extent does it contribute to the restructuring of city politics and local governance? Does it lead to the sale of democratic participation in the city? Which forms of resistance and disagreement against it can be observed? Iris Dzudzek looks into these questions in a theoretically versed and empirically grounded study, using the case study of Frankfurt am Main.


O-Ton: »Die Widersprüche der kreativen Stadt« - Vortrag von Iris Dzudzek auf dem Cityleaks-Kongress 2015, übertragen auf Deutschlandfunk Nova am 05.09.2015.
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