Test Cover Image of:  Der Kampf gegen das Presse-Imperium

Der Kampf gegen das Presse-Imperium

Die Anti-Springer-Kampagne der 68er-Bewegung

Series: Histoire, 85

The anti-Springer campaign (ASK) of the '68 movement was not just a struggle against the monopoly on opinion of the Springer press - it was also a central factor in the mobilization of the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition, whose protagonists sharply criticized the market power and reporting of the conservative press. Springer was painted as a danger for the freedom of the press in West Germany. The ASK, which culminated in the `Springer Blockade' in April 1968, didn't remain without effect - particularly with regards to the end of Springer's strategy of expansion. In rich detail, Dae Sung Jung's historical study traces out how the ASK was able to become a central project for many student and non-student groups, and with this, the common denominator of the APO.


»Jung hat eine unbedingt lesenswerte Studie vorgelegt, die im Duktus weniger wissenschaftlich als historisch erzählend daherkommt. Sie zeigt auf, wie abstrus die jüngeren Versuche der Reinwaschung und Rechtfertigung aus der Springer-Konzernzentrale gemessen an den historischen Tatsachen sind.«
Andreas Vogel, https://presseforschung.de, 8 (2017)

»Eine detaillierte und faktenreiche Studie [...], die quellensatt die Geschichte der Anti-Springer-Kampagne nachzeichnet.«
Martin Stallmann, H-Soz-u-Kult, 20.07.2017

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