Test Cover Image of:  Art and Economics in the City

Art and Economics in the City

New Cultural Maps

Series: Urban Studies
Funded by: Knowledge Unlatched - KU Select 2018: Frontlist Collection
Edited by: Caterina Benincasa, Gianfranco Neri, and Michele Trimarchi

Emerging forms of alternative economy are changing the structure of society, redefining the relationship between centre and periphery in the urban fabric. In this context, the arts can play a crucial role in formulating a concept of complex and plural citizenship: This economic, social and cultural paradigm has the potential to overcome the conventional isolation of the arts and culture in ivory towers, and thereby to gradually make the urban fabric more fertile. This volume faces such sensitive issues by collating contributions from various disciplines: Economists, sociologists, urbanists, architects and creative artists offer a broad and deep assessment of urban dynamics and their visions for years to come.

Audience: Professional and scholarly;