Test Cover Image of:  Mixed Reality and Games

Mixed Reality and Games

Theoretical and Practical Approaches in Game Studies and Education

Edited by: Emir Bektic, Daniela Bruns, Sonja Gabriel, Florian Kelle, Gerhard Pölsterl,  and Felix Schniz

Video games allow us to immerse ourselves in worlds that are reflective of cultural phenomena. At the same time, games are in a process of occupying and utilising the real world as a part of the game. The book provides a combination of theoretical and practical approaches to mixed reality through the lenses of game studies and pedagogy. These novel approaches invite the reader to rethink their conceptions of games and mixed reality. They are complemented with classical analyses of games and applications in educational contexts. In uniting theory and hands-on approaches, the book provides a broad spectrum that facilitates and inspires interdisciplinary thinking and work.

Audience: Professional and scholarly;