Developing a New Method for the Detection of the Cancerous Breast Mass


Breast cancer is now one of the main sources of death among women throughout the world. The detection of cancerous tumors in mammographic images is a great challenge for radiologists and physicians. It requires precise, experience and time. Fortunately, the evolution of science enabled the development of medical imaging techniques which are very efficacious for the benefit of health in order to detect any abnormalities in the breast parenchyma. It is in this context that our work fits. In fact, in this paperwe have implemented a computer-assisted diagnostic system (CAD) aiming at facilitating the early detection of this cancer. The developed method proceeds in three steps: pretreatment mammograms to enhance the segmentation step, segmentation based on morphological operators to detect breast masses. Finally, the segmentation of the breast contour based on the method of Marching Square was adopted. Our approach has been tested on the basis of pictures “MIAS” showing its efficiency. In addition, a graphical interface was performed to facilitate the task for radiologists.

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