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Quantitative Ansätze in den Literatur- und Geisteswissenschaften

Systematische und historische Perspektiven

[Quantitative Methods in Literary Studies and the Humanities: Systematic and Historical Perspectives]

Ed. by Bernhart, Toni / Willand, Marcus / Richter, Sandra / Albrecht, Andrea

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Publication Date:
April 2018
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Digital Humanities ohne Computer? Alte und neue quantifizierende Zugänge zum mittelhochdeutschen Tagelied

Viehhauser, Gabriel


Since it could be argued that for an informative definition of the Digital Humanities the term ›digital‹ should not be used in a wide sense of simply ›using computers‹ but rather be restricted to the application of formalized methods, the question whether there are ›Digital Humanities without computers‹ seems surprisingly reasonable. In fact, there is a long tradition of quantitative studies in literary scholarship, which could - with all its flaws and advantages - be instructive for present undertakings in digital Literary Studies. I will discuss such a study from the 1970s, Ulrich Knoop’s attempt to define the Middle High German lyric genre of the ›Tagelied‹. In continuation of Knoop I will discuss whether formalized methods are feasible for genre detection and will show that a topic model of Middle High German lyric, established with LDA, can help to carve out a profile of the Tagelied. However, I will suggest that the notion of ›precision‹, which appears to be a key concept for Knoop, should be re-interpreted in the light of current methodology: Rather than establishing strict categorical boundaries between texts, quantitative methods can open up the perspective on the prototypical character of literary genres, which have a closer defined core that is surrounded by transitional forms on its margins.

Citation Information

Gabriel Viehhauser (2018). Digital Humanities ohne Computer? Alte und neue quantifizierende Zugänge zum mittelhochdeutschen Tagelied. In Toni Bernhart, Marcus Willand, Sandra Richter, Andrea Albrecht (Eds.), Quantitative Ansätze in den Literatur- und Geisteswissenschaften: Systematische und historische Perspektiven (pp. 173–204). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110523300-008

Book DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110523300

Online ISBN: 9783110523300

© 2018 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Munich/BostonGet Permission

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