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Characterization of Biological Membranes

Structure and Dynamics

Ed. by Nieh, Mu-Ping / Heberle, Frederick A. / Katsaras, John

With contrib. by Bowerman, Charles / Bozelli Junior, José Carlos / Brown, Michael F. / Butler, Paul D. / Chan, Chun / Cheng, Xiaolin / Cherniavskyi, Yevhen / Cheung, Eugene / Chini, Corryn E. / Craig, Andrew F. / Dabney-Smith, Carole / Davis, James H. / Dimova, Rumiana / DiPasquale, Mitchell / Eells, Rebecca / Epand, Richard M. / Fisher, Alessandro / Frank, Kilian / Gorman, Brittney L. / Harroun, Thad A. / Heinrich, Frank / Hoogerheide, David P. / Kelly, Elizabeth G. / Kienzle, Paul A. / Kiessling, Volker / Komorowski, Karlo / Konkolewicz, Dominik / Kraft, Mary / Kučerka, Norbert / Li, Ying / London, Erwin / Lorigan, Gary A. / Lösche, Mathias / Majkrzak, Charles F. / Marquardt, Drew / Nagao, Michihiro / Nguyen, Michael H.L. / Nickels, Jonathan / Poloni, Laura / Sahu, Indra D. / Salditt, Tim / Schick, Michael / Schmidt, Miranda / Shen, Zhingiang / Steinkühler, Jan / Tamm, Lukas K. / Tieleman, Peter / Uhríková, Daniela / Won, Amy / Xia, Yan / Ye, Huilin / Yeager, Ashley N. / Yip, Christopher M.

Series:De Gruyter STEM

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Publication Date:
July 2019
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20. Multiscale modeling of lipid membrane

Shen, Zhiqiang / Fisher, Alessandro / Ye, Huilin / Li, Ying


Cell membranes that consist of lipids, glycolipids, sterols, and membrane proteins are of great importance for biological functions. Due to the complexity of cell membranes, it is preferable to investigate the model lipid bilayers that consist of several different lipid species, natural proteins or artificial peptides to provide a fundamental understanding on their behaviors. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation for lipid membranes has been gained increasing attentions due its ability to explore the structural and dynamics details at molecular scale. MD simulation serves as an indispensable tool for the experimental and theoretical researches. In simulations, the development of multiscale lipid models is crucial to explore the multiscale phenomena occurred in cell membranes. In this chapter, we will introduce these multiscale lipid models in simulations, ranging from the all-atom lipid model to the triangulated membrane model. We hope that our chapter can serve as a tutorial for beginners in this field and provide an overview about the computational simulations for cell membranes.

Citation Information

Zhiqiang Shen, Alessandro Fisher, Huilin Ye, Ying Li (2019). 20. Multiscale modeling of lipid membrane. In Mu-Ping Nieh, Frederick A. Heberle, John Katsaras (Eds.), Characterization of Biological Membranes: Structure and Dynamics (pp. 569–602). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110544657-020

Book DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110544657

Online ISBN: 9783110544657

© 2019 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Munich/BostonGet Permission

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