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Systems, Automation, and Control

Ed. by Derbel, Nabil / Derbel, Faouzi

Series:Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices 9

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Publication Date:
November 2019
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Performances and Robustness of GPC Controller in an Anticipative Context

Achnib, Asma / Airimitoaie, Tudor Bogdan / Abrashov, Sergey / Lanusse, Patrick / Aoun, Mohamed


Predictive control has become very popular with practitioners of automatic control due to its design simplicity and relatively good performances. Recent efforts have concentrated into improving the robustness of predictive controllers. In this paper, a method for the tuning of generalized predictive controllers (GPC) using desired closed-loop transfer functions for robust design is evaluated in the context of preview systems supposing that future values of the reference signal are available a number of time steps ahead. This information can be used to reduce the error between the reference signal and the measured output by adding an anticipative action to the controller. The robust predictive control method investigated here reveals some surprising limitations when evaluated in an anticipative context (on a preview system), although satisfactory results are obtained in an non-anticipative context. First the performances and robustness of the obtained GPC controller are validated in an non-anticipative context. Then, it is shown that an equivalent feedforward filter appears when anticipation is added, which can have bad effects on the system performances. An academic simulated example is used to validate our conclusions.

Citation Information

Asma Achnib, Tudor Bogdan Airimitoaie, Sergey Abrashov, Patrick Lanusse, Mohamed Aoun (2019). Performances and Robustness of GPC Controller in an Anticipative Context. In Nabil Derbel, Faouzi Derbel, Olfa Kanoun (Eds.), Systems, Automation, and Control (pp. 249–266). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110591729-014

Book DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110591729

Online ISBN: 9783110591729

© 2019 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Munich/BostonGet Permission

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