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Bergmann/Schaefer Physik Online

[Bergmann/Schaefer Physics Online]

Ed. by Kassing, Rainer / Kleinermanns, Karl / Lüders, Klaus / Niedrig, Heinz / Raith, Wilhelm / Oppen, Gebhard

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    • The most comprehensive German language presentation of the whole field of physics including the latest important discoveries
    • A textbook classic for students of physics as companion for all lectures and courses in elementary and advanced experimental physics
    • Comprehensive index of reference literature for further reading and learning
    • In-depth introduction into the latest research discoveries and experimental implementation for diploma and doctoral candidates
    • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

    Aims and Scope

    The Online Reference Work Bergmann / Schaefer Physics Online is based on the well-known, classic text and reference book of experimental physics which has served generations of students and lecturers. The content is continually revised and supplemented to ensure that this Online Reference is always complete and up-to-date.

    The Bergmann / Schaefer Physics Online Online Reference Work is an ideal companion for students of physics, explaining the basics of physics in an easy-to-understand way. Numerous descriptions of experiments and pictures support self-study and preparation for exams. Special emphasis is placed on application-oriented and experimental aspects. With its detailed index this is an excellent tool for scientists and engineers and also for physicists working in industry, who want to inform themselves of the current status of research in all basic areas of physics.

    In addition, several hundred links to interactive online simulations in physics from the textbook Mathematik mit Simulationen lehren und lernen by D. Röß (published by DeGruyter in German and English) were included in the sections.

    Contents: Mechanics, acoustics, heat; Electromagnetism; Optics; Components of matter; Gases, nanosystems, liquids; Solid bodies; Earth and planets; Stars and outer space.



    Der "Bergmann/Schaefer" zählt zweifellos zu den Klassikern unter der deutschsprachigen physikalischen Lehrbuchliteratur. Vor über 50 Jahren erstmals erschienen und seitdem von verschiedenen Autoren immer wieder überarbeitet und fortgesetzt, ist das Werk inzwischen auf acht dickleibige Bände mit insgesamt 35 Autoren angewachsen. (Walter Greiner in: Physikalische Blätter, Weinheim 9/2001)

    The "Bergmann/Schaefer" is without doubt a classic among German language textbooks of physics. Published for the first time 50 years ago and since then repeatedly revised and supplemented by different authors, the work now consists of eight large volumes written by a total of 35 authors. Walter Greiner in: Physikalische Blätter, Weinheim 9/2001)

    Der Bergmann/Schaefer behandelt mehr Stoff als ein Student in den entsprechenden Vorlesungen durchnimmt. Damit ist dieses Lehrbuch sowohl für den Studenten als auch für den ausgebildeten Physiker eine unerschöpfliche Wissensquelle und da haben die Autoren völlig recht  "eine Anschaffung fürs Leben". (Thomas Bührke in: Physik in unserer Zeit, März 1999)

    The Bergmann/Schaefer covers more subject matter than a student learns in the respective lectures. Thus, this textbook is an inexhaustible source of knowledge both for the student of physics and for the trained physicist. The authors are right that it is "an acquisition to last a lifetime". (Thomas Bührke in: Physik in unserer Zeit, March 1999).

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