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The one-stop-shop for nano science.

nano Online

Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science at the Nanoscale

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  • The one-stop-shop for research results and applications in nano science and technology.
  • Quick access due to categorisation of articles into a multi-dimensional search grid.
  • Current results will be included by annual updates.
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users per campus or institution.

Aims and Scope

nano Online offers a comprehensive coverage of the subject area nano science and technology. This database allows for easy access to research results from all disciplines active in this area – including physics, chemistry and materials science as well as engineering and medicine. Due to a carefully chosen classification system and massive linking between entries, the user can find relevant and related information quickly.

The database includes more than 1,200 entries (an equivalent of more than 17,000 print pages) and annual updates of 200 entries (about 2,000 print pages) will supply state-of-the-art research results.

Key features:

  • Specially-tailored compilation on nano technology from all relevant disciplines including materials science, chemistry, physics, and medicine.
  • Time-saving access via elaborate classification of articles in categories
    • Material
    • Technology
    • Property
    • Structure
    • Application
    • Impact on society
  • Supreme search functionalities.
  • Also-of-interest links to relevant content.

Type of Publication:
Nano technology, Metamaterials, Nanophotonics, Nanospectroscopy, 2d Materials, Graphene, Quantum Dots, Quantum Wires, Nanoparticles.
for universities, research institutes and companies. Especially of interest for the application oriented market (industry, research institutes, polytechnics) in the field of nano technology.
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