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Treasury of Linguistic Maps Online


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  • High-resolution linguistic maps from De Gruyter’s archives, some of them presented for the first time in digital format
  • Enriched with detailed metadata allowing specific searches (category/subdiscipline, language described, geographical location, year or century described, map caption/description, map author, book author, book title, year of publication, full text)
  • Map interface allows zooming, printing, and PDF export
  • Maps in English and German, all metadata in English for comprehensive searches
  • Release version with 2,000 maps, updated twice a year with 600 new maps per update
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users campus / institution-wide

Aims and Scope

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Prepaid Price: € 17,990.00 / US$ 21,590.00 / £ 13,493.00
No update fees until end of 2021.

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The e-resource Treasury of Linguistic Maps presents linguistic maps selected from various atlases and other publications that have been published over the years by De Gruyter Mouton and other De Gruyter imprints. For the first time, this material is made available and searchable in one place and in a new, improved format. All maps have been scanned in high-resolution for maximum quality and enriched with detailed metadata. Thanks to specific search functionalities (e.g. category/subdiscipline, language described in the map, geographical location, period described), Treasury of Linguistic Maps is a unique and indispensable resource for visualized information on various topics in linguistics. Many of these maps have not been digitally available before, and some are difficult to find even in printed form. The map interface allows zooming in on details, printing, and PDF export.

The initial release version contains 2,000 enriched maps. Following the launch year there will be two updates a year with about 1,200 maps added each year. The updates will feature both rediscoveries from De Gruyter’s archives and material from new publications.

Type of Publication:

Linguists, Typologists, Libraries, Institutes

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