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Acta Pharmaceutica

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Volume 60, Issue 3


Design and synthesis of novel thiophenecarbohydrazide, thienopyrazole and thienopyrimidine derivatives as antioxidant and antitumor agents

Ameen Abu-Hashem
  • Photochemistry Department (Heterocyclic Unit), National Research Center, 12622 Dokki Giza, Egypt
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/ Mohamed El-Shehry / Farid Badria
Published Online: 2010-12-06 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/v10007-010-0027-6

Design and synthesis of novel thiophenecarbohydrazide, thienopyrazole and thienopyrimidine derivatives as antioxidant and antitumor agents

2-Amino-5-acetyl-4-methyl-thiophene-3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester (1) and 5-acetyl-2-amino-4-methylthiophene-3-carbohydrazide (2) were synthesized and used as starting materials for the synthesis of new series of 1-(5-amino-4-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole-1-carbonyl)-3-methylthiophen-2-yl) ethanone (3a), 1-(5-amino-4-(4-chloro-3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole-1-carbonyl)-3-methylthiophen-2-yl) ethanone (3b), 1-(4-methyl-2-amino-5-acetylthiophene-3-carbonyl)pyrazolidine-3,5-dione (4), (Z)-N'-(4-methyl-2-amino-5-acetylthiophene-3-carbonyl) formohydrazonic acid (5a), (Z)-ethyl-N'-4-methyl-2-amino-5-acetylthiophene-3-carbonylformo hydrazonate (5b), 6-acetyl-3-amino-2,5-dimethylthieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one (8), 5-methyl-3-amino-2-mercapto-6-acetylthieno [2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one (10) and 5-methyl-6-acetyl-2-thioxo-2,3-dihydrothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(1H)-one (12) as potential antioxidant and antitumor agents. Pharmacological tests showed that compounds 6a, 6b, 8, 10 and 12 exhibited significant antitumor and antioxidant activity.

Dizajniranje i sinteza novih derivata tiofenkarbohidrazida, tienopirazola i tienopirimidina s antioksidativnim i antitumorskim djelovanjem

Etilni ester 2-amino-5-acetil-4-metil-tiofen-3-karboksilne kiseline (1) i 5-acetil-2-amino-4-metiltiofen-3-karbohidrazid (2) sintetizirani su i upotrebljeni kao reaktanti u sintezi novih spojeva 1-(5-amino-4-(3,5-dimetil-1H-pirazol-1-karbonil)-3-metiltiofen-2-il) etanona (3a), 1-(5-amino-4-(4-klor-3,5-dimetil-1H-pirazol-1-karbonil)-3-metiltiofen-2-il) etanona (3b), 1-(4-metil-2-amino-5-acetiltiofen-3-karbonil) pirazolidin-3,5-diona (4), (Z)-N'-(4-metil-2-amino-5-acetiltiofen-3-karbonil) formohidrazonske kiseline (5a), (Z)-etil-N'-(4-metil-2-amino-5-acetiltiofen-3-karbonilformo hidrazonata (5b), 6-acetil-3-amino-2,5-dimetiltieno.2,3-d.pirimidin-4(3H)-one (8), 5-metil-3-amino-2-merkapto-6-acetiltieno.2,3-d.pirimidin-4(3H)-ona (10) i 5-metil-6-acetil-2-tiokso-2,3-dihidrotieno.2,3-d.pirimidin-4(1H)-ona (12) kao potencijalnih antioksidansa i citostatika. Farmakološka ispitivanja ukazuju na to da spojevi 6a, 6b, 8, 10 i 12 imaju značajno antitumorsko i antioksidativno djelovanje.

Keywords: thienopyrazole; thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines; thiophenecarbohydrazide; antioxidant activity; bleomycin-dependent DNA damage; antitumor activity

Keywords: tienopirazol; tieno[2,3-d]pirimidini; tiofenkarbohidrazid; antioksidativno djelovanje; bleomicin-ovisno DNA oštećenje; antitumorsko djelovanje

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Published Online: 2010-12-06

Published in Print: 2010-09-01

Citation Information: Acta Pharmaceutica, Volume 60, Issue 3, Pages 311–323, ISSN (Online) 1846-9558, ISSN (Print) 1330-0075, DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/v10007-010-0027-6.

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