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Open Astronomy

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Volume 27, Issue 1


Planetary Magnetic Fields and Habitability in Super Earths

Pablo Cuartas-Restrepo
  • Corresponding author
  • FACom-SEAPInstituto de Física-FCEN, Universidad de Antioquia, Calle 70 No. 52- 21, Medellín, Colombia
  • Email
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Published Online: 2018-09-25 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/astro-2018-0026


This work seeks to summarize some special aspects of a type of exoplanets known as super-Earths (SE), and the direct influence of these aspects in their habitability. Physical processes like the internal thermal evolution and the generation of a protective Planetary Magnetic Field (PMF) are directly related with habitability. Other aspects such as rotation and the formation of a solid core are fundamental when analyzing the possibilities that a SE would have to be habitable. This work analyzes the fundamental theoretical aspects on which the models of thermal evolution and the scaling laws of the planetary dynamos are based. These theoretical aspects allow to develop models of the magnetic evolution of the planets and the role played by the PMF in the protection of the atmosphere and the habitability of the planet.

Keywords: Planets and satellites:magnetic fields; physical evolution; terrestrial planets. Planet-star interactions.Methods: numerical


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