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Chemical Papers

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Volume 68, Issue 8


Recent advances in application of liquid-based micro-extraction: A review

Yi He
  • Department of Sciences, John Jay College, The City University of New York, 524 W59th Street, New York, NY, 10019, USA
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Published Online: 2014-04-15 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/s11696-014-0562-6


Liquid-based micro-extraction is a novel “green” sample preparation technique using micro-litre levels of organic solvent to extract target analytes from various sample matrices for subsequent instrumental analysis. This technique developed rapidly from its introduction in the mid-1990s. Micro-extraction methods can be conveniently combined with a wide selection of instruments commonly used in a chemical laboratory; they significantly reduce analysis time and costs of solvents’ use and waste disposal. This review focuses on recent advances in several liquid-based micro-extraction methods, including single-drop micro-extraction, hollow fibre-liquid phase micro-extraction, and dispersive liquid-liquid micro-extraction. Examples of application of these methods to environmental, food, and biomedical analysis are listed.

Keywords: liquid-based micro-extraction; environmental analysis; food analysis; biomedical analysis

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