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Band 41, Heft 4


Elements of IYPT2019

Jan Reedijk
Online erschienen: 31.10.2019 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2019-0401


The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements has without any doubt developed to one of the most significant achievements in natural sciences. The Table (or System, as called in some languages) is capturing the essence, not only of chemistry, but also of other science areas, like physics, geology, astronomy and biology. The Periodic Table is to be seen as a very special and unique tool, which allows chemists and other scientists to predict the appearance and properties of matter on earth and even in other parts of our the universe.


Jan Reedijk

Jan Reedijk < > is co-chair with Natalia Tarasova of the InterUnion Management Committee for IYPT 2109. (See IYPT2019 Introduction, CI Jan 2019, p. 2 https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2019-0101)

Online erschienen: 31.10.2019

Erschienen im Druck: 01.10.2019

Quellenangabe: Chemistry International, Band 41, Heft 4, Seiten ii–ii, ISSN (Online) 1365-2192, ISSN (Print) 0193-6484, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2019-0401.

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