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Demonstratio Mathematica

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Volume 47, Issue 1


Cocentralizing Generalized Derivations On Multilinear Polynomial On Right Ideals Of Prime Rings

Vincenzo De Filippis / Basudeb Dhara
Published Online: 2014-03-07 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/dema-2014-0002


Let R be a prime ring with Utumi quotient ring U and with extended centroid C, I a non-zero right ideal of R ƒ (x1… xn) a multilinear polynomial over C which is not central valued on R and G, H two generalized derivations of R. Suppose that G(ƒ (r)) ƒ (r)- ƒ (r)H(ƒ (r)) ∈ C, for all r =(r1,….,rn) ∈ In. Then one of the following holds:

1. there exist a; b; p ∈ U and α C such that G(x)= ax + [p, x] and H(x) = bx, for all x ∈ R, and (a-b)I=(0)=(a + p- α)I;

2. R satisfies s4, the standard identity of degree 4, and there exist a; a' ∈ U, α,β ∈ C such that G(x) =ax + xa' + αx and H(x) = a'x - xa +βx, for all x ∈ R;

3. R satisfies s4 and there exist a; a' ∈ U, and d : R → R, a derivation of R, such that G(x) = ax + d(x) and H(x)= xa'- d(x), for all x ∈ R, with a + a' ∈ C;

4. R satisfies s4 and there exist a; a' ∈ U, and d : R → R, a derivation of R, such that G(x) = xa + d(x) and H(x) = ax' - d(x), for all x ∈ R, with a - a' ∈ C;

5. there exists e2= e ∈ Soc(RC) such that I = eR and one of the following holds:

(a) [ƒ (x1 ,…., xn); xn + 1] xn+2 is an identity for I;

(b) char (R) = 2 and s4(x1; x2; x3; x4)x5 is an identity for I;

(c) [ƒ (x1 , …, xn)2; xn+1]xn+2 is an identity for I and there exist a, a', b, b' ∈ U,α ∈ C and d : R → R, a derivation of R, such that G(x) = ax + xa' + d(x), H(x)=bx + xb' - d(x), for all x ∈ R, with (a - b' - α) I=(0)=( b-a'-α )I

Keywords : prime rings; differential identities; generalized derivations


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Published Online: 2014-03-07

Published in Print: 2014-03-01

Citation Information: Demonstratio Mathematica, Volume 47, Issue 1, Pages 22–36, ISSN (Online) 2391-4661, ISSN (Print) 0420-1213, DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/dema-2014-0002.

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