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Energy Harvesting and Systems

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Ultrafast Anisotropic Optical Response and Coherent Acoustic Phonon Generation in Polycrystalline BaTiO3-BiFeO3

Brenden A. Magill / Kyoung-Duck Park
  • Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, and JILA, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
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/ Yuan Zhou / Anuj Chopra / Deepam Maurya / Shashank Priya / Markus Raschke
  • Department of Physics, Department of Chemistry, and JILA, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO, USA
  • Other articles by this author:
  • De Gruyter OnlineGoogle Scholar
/ Alexey Belyanin / Christopher J. Stanton / Giti A. Khodaparast
Published Online: 2016-04-16 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ehs-2015-0028


We optically study the as-yet little explored multiferroic material, BaTiO3-BiFeO3 (BTO-BFO), that has demonstrated enhanced magnetic properties, a higher DC resistance in comparison to BFO, and improved magnetoelectric coupling. Our studies include: ultrafast time resolved differential reflection, optically induced birefringence, and second-harmonic nano-imaging of the ferroic order. We observe a strong sensitivity to pump/probe polarizations, photo-induced ferroelectric poling on a picosecond timescale, as well as the generation of photo-induced coherent acoustic phonons with a frequency of 11 GHz. The second-harmonic generation nano-imaging reveals disordered but distinct ferroelectric domain order, percolating even across grain boundaries in the poly-crystalline thin film.

Keywords: Multiferroics; Time Resolved Spectroscopy; Second Harmonic Generation; Acoustic Phonons


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About the article

Published Online: 2016-04-16

Published in Print: 2016-08-01

Funding Source: FOSR through grant FA9550-14-1-0376 and the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) at Virginia Tech. This work made use of the ICTAS Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory (NCFL) facility

Award identifier / Grant number: FA9550-14-1-037

This work has been supported by AFOSR through grant FA9550-14-1-0376 and the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS) at Virginia Tech. This work made use of the ICTAS Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory (NCFL) facility.

Citation Information: Energy Harvesting and Systems, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 229–236, ISSN (Online) 2329-8766, ISSN (Print) 2329-8774, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ehs-2015-0028.

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