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Open Engineering

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Microstructure and mechanical behavior of cast Ti-6Al-4V with addition of boron

Robert Pederson
  • Division of Materials Science, Luleå University of Technology, S-97187, Luleå, Sweden
  • Department of Materials Technology, Volvo Aero Corporation, S-46181, Trollhättan, Sweden
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/ Raghuveer Gaddam / Marta-Lena Antti
Published Online: 2012-07-01 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/s13531-012-0004-6


The effect of boron (between 0.06 and 0.11 wt%) on the microstructure, hardness and compression properties of cast Ti-6Al-4V was investigated. Compression properties were examined in the temperature range from room temperature to 1000°C. It was found that the addition of boron refines the as-cast microstructure in terms of prior beta grain size and alpha colony size. This microstructural refinement led to an increase in compressive yield strength from room temperature up to 700°C. Three different strain rates (0.001, 0.1 and 1 s−1) were evaluated during compression testing from which it was found that the compressive yield strength decreased with decreasing strain rate from 600°C up to the beta transus temperature.

Keywords: Boron; Microstructure; Hardness; Ti-6Al-4V; Quantitative metallography; Hot compression testing

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Published Online: 2012-07-01

Published in Print: 2012-09-01

Citation Information: Open Engineering, Volume 2, Issue 3, Pages 347–357, ISSN (Online) 2391-5439, DOI: https://doi.org/10.2478/s13531-012-0004-6.

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Stefan Cedergren, Constantinos Frangoudis, Andreas Archenti, Robert Pederson, and Göran Sjöberg
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2016, Volume 84, Number 9-12, Page 2277

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