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International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering

Ed. by de Lasa, Hugo / Xu, Charles Chunbao

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Volume 14, Issue 2


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Effect of L/D Ratio on Phase Holdup and Bubble Dynamics in Slurry Bubble Column using Optical Fiber Probe Measurements

Saba A. Gheni / Yasser I. Abdulaziz / Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan
Published Online: 2016-02-20 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ijcre-2015-0035


In this investigation, time average local gas holdup and bubble dynamic data were achieved for three L/D ratios of slurry bubble column. The examined ratios were 3, 4 and 5 in 18″ diameter slurry bubble column. Air-water-glass bead system was used with superficial gas velocity up to 0.24 m/s. The gas holdup was measured using four tips optical fiber probe technique. The results showed that the gas holdup increases almost linearly with the superficial gas velocity in 0.08 m/s and levels off with a further increase of velocity. A comparison of the present data with those reported for other slurry bubble column having diameters greater than 18″ and L/D higher than 5 was made. The results indicated a little effect of diameter on the gas holdup. A local, section-averaged gas holdup increases with increasing superficial gas velocity, while the effect of solid loading are less significant than that of the superficial gas velocity. Chaos analysis was used to analyze the slurry system.

Keywords: slurry bubble column; gas holdups; optical fiber probe


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About the article

Published Online: 2016-02-20

Published in Print: 2016-04-01

Funding Source: Chemical Security Programh

Award identifier / Grant number: 18625

Chemical Security Program “18625”.

Citation Information: International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 653–664, ISSN (Online) 1542-6580, ISSN (Print) 2194-5748, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/ijcre-2015-0035.

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