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International Journal for Ontology and Metaphysics

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Dispositionality and Symmetry Structures

Vassilis Livanios
  • Corresponding author
  • Department of Classics and Philosophy, University of Cyprus, Eressou 1 & Kallipoleos, P.O. Box: 20537 1678, Nicosia, Cyprus
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Published Online: 2018-01-24 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/mp-2018-0010


A number of metaphysicians and philosophers of science have raised the issue of the modality of the fundamental structures of the world. Although the debate so far has been largely focused on the (alleged) inherent causal character of fundamental structures, one aspect of it has naturally taken its place as part of the dispositional/categorical debate. In this paper, I focus on the latter in the case of the fundamental symmetry structures. After putting forward the necessary metaphysical presuppositions for the debate to make sense, I offer an argument which undermines the plausibility of a dispositionalist account of fundamental symmetry structures.

Keywords: symmetry; modality; dispositionalism; structural realism; conservation laws


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Published Online: 2018-01-24

Published in Print: 2018-08-28

Citation Information: Metaphysica, Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 201–217, ISSN (Online) 1874-6373, ISSN (Print) 1437-2053, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/mp-2018-0010.

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