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On Frequency Combs in Monolithic Resonators

A. A. Savchenkov / A. B. Matsko / L. Maleki
Online erschienen: 17.06.2016 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/nanoph-2016-0031


Optical frequency combs have become indispensable in astronomical measurements, biological fingerprinting, optical metrology, and radio frequency photonic signal generation. Recently demonstrated microring resonator-based Kerr frequency combs point the way towards chip scale optical frequency comb generator retaining major properties of the lab scale devices. This technique is promising for integrated miniature radiofrequency and microwave sources, atomic clocks, optical references and femtosecond pulse generators. Here we present Kerr frequency comb development in a historical perspective emphasizing its similarities and differences with other physical phenomena. We elucidate fundamental principles and describe practical implementations of Kerr comb oscillators, highlighting associated solved and unsolved problems.

Keywords : frequency comb; monolithic microresonator; whispering gallery mode resonator; photonics; nonlinear optics; four-wave mixing


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