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Plant and Fungal Systematics

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    Aims and Scope

    Plant and Fungal Systematics is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, fast-track, full-color journal. Articles are published online with full pagination immediately upon acceptance, and hardcopies are published twice a year (July, December). It was founded in 1953 as Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica and continued as Polish Botanical Journal after 2001.

    The main goal of Plant and Fungal Systematics is to promote integrated systematic biology (fusing traditional approaches, modern molecular techniques and bioinformatics tools) in order to more effectively describe plant and fungal biodiversity within a phylogenetic framework. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of morphological characters for newly introduced species, and deposition of voucher specimens, cultures, DNA sequences, alignments and phylogenies in public repositories are central to this endeavor.

    Plant and Fungal Systematics publishes original research papers of the highest quality, review articles on timely subjects, and book reviews. The journal articles address the biodiversity, taxonomy, molecular systematics and evolution of algae (broadly defined), cyanobacteria, bryophytes, vascular plants, fungi, oomycetes and myxomycetes.

    Editorial Board

    Adam Flakus, Poland
    Jolanta Miądlikowska, USA

    Managing Editor
    Agnieszka Sojka, Poland

    Layout Editor
    Marian Wysocki, Poland

    Associate Editors
    Hiroyuki Akiyama, Japan
    Elżbieta Cieślak, Poland
    Bryn T. M. Dentinger, USA
    Marcial Escudero, Spain
    Cécile Gueidan, Australia
    Judita Koreiviene, Lithuania
    Martin Kukwa, Poland
    Andrew N. Miller, USA
    Ireneusz J. Odrzykoski, Poland
    Marcin Piątek, Poland
    Anna Ronikier, Poland
    Michał Ronikier, Poland
    Jakub Sawicki, Poland
    Mike Thiv, Germany
    Merje Toome-Heller, New Zealand
    Agata Wojtal, Poland

    Editorial Board Members
    Anne E. Arnold, USA
    Andreas Beck, Germany
    Janusz Błaszkowski, Poland
    Lei Cai, China
    Dmitry V. Geltman, Russia
    Bernard Goffinet, USA
    Werner Greuter, Germany
    Gilles E. St. J. Hardy, Australia
    David L. Hawksworth, UK
    Miroslav Kolařik, Czech Republic
    T. K. Arun Kumar, India
    Carlos Lado, Spain
    Louise A. Lewis, USA
    Robert Lücking, Germany
    H. Thorsten Lumbsch, USA
    François Lutzoni, USA
    Karol Marhold, Slovakia
    P. Brandon Matheny, USA
    Alistair McTaggart, Australia
    Jiři Neustupa, Czech Republic
    Sergio Pérez-Ortega, Spain
    Jolanta Piątek, Poland
    Dietmar Quandt, Germany
    Harald Schneider, UK
    Laura Selbmann, Italy
    James R. Shevock, USA
    Pamela S. Soltis, USA
    Krzysztof Spalik, Poland
    Adriano A. Spielmann, Brazil
    Lucyna Śliwa, Poland
    Susumu Takamatsu, Japan
    Konrad Wołowski, Poland
    Andrzej Witkowski, Poland
    Ying Zhang, China

    Similarity Check Plagiarism Screening System
    The editorial board is participating in a growing community of Similarity Check System's users in order to ensure that the content published is original and trustworthy. Similarity Check is a medium that allows for comprehensive manuscripts screening, aimed to eliminate plagiarism and provide a high standard and quality peer-review process.
    Detailed description of the Similarity Check System can be found at:

    The original version of the Plant and Fungal Systematics is the electronic edition.


    Type of Publication:

    Submission of Manuscripts

    Instructions for Authors

    Submit your manuscript to Plant and Fungal Systematics through the Open Journal System following the on-screen instructions. For more information regarding submission of manuscript go to the Instructions for Authors at the website.

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    Polish Botanical Journal (former title)

    Abstracting & Indexing

    Editorial Information


    Adam Flakus, Poland
    W. Szafer Institute of Botany,
    Polish Academy of Sciences
    E-mail: a.flakus@botany.pl

    Jolanta Miądlikowska, USA
    Department of Biology
    Duke University
    E-mail: jolantam@duke.edu

    Managing Editor
    Agnieszka Sojka, Poland
    W. Szafer Institute of Botany,
    Polish Academy of Sciences
    E-mail: a.sojka@botany.pl

    Publisher (printed version)
    W. Szafer Institute of Botany,
    Polish Academy of Sciences,
    31-512 Krakow, Lubicz 46, Poland,

    Publisher (on-line version)
    Bogumiła Zuga 32A Str.
    01-811 Warsaw, Poland
    T: +48 22 701 50 15

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