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Proceedings in Radiochemistry

A Supplement to Radiochimica Acta

Open Access
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Measurements of the neutron activation cross sections for Bi at 287 and 370 MeV

H. Yashima / S. Sekimoto / T. Utsunomiya / K. Ninomiya / T. Omoto / R. Nakagaki / T. Shima / N. Takahashi / A. Shinohara / H. Matsumura / D. Satoh / et al.
Online erschienen: 08.09.2011 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.1524/rcpr.2011.0025


We present cross section measurements for neutron-induced activation of Bi, at 287 and 370 MeV. These values were derived from the activation method using a quasi-monoenergetic neutron field based on the 7Li(p,n) reaction. In separate experiments, samples were irradiated with neutrons derived from 7Li(p,n) reaction at either 0º or 30º for proton beam axis. This approach allows the subtraction of the low energy neutron components. The measured cross sections are compared with the findings of other studies, and evaluated in relation to nuclear data files.

Keywords: Neutron activation cross section; Quasimonoenergetiv neutron


Online erschienen: 08.09.2011

Erschienen im Druck: 01.09.2011

Quellenangabe: Proceedings in Radiochemistry A Supplement to Radiochimica Acta, Band 1, Heft 1, Seiten 135–139, ISSN (Print) xxxx-xxxx, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1524/rcpr.2011.0025.

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