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Unsatisfactory cardiovascular risk control - opportunities for family medicine

Mirjana Rumboldt1 / Marion Kuzmanić1 / Dragomir Petrić1 / Zvonko Rumboldt1

School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, University of Split, Šoltanska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia1

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Citation Information: Slovenian Journal of Public Health. Volume 50, Issue 1, Pages 75–81, ISSN (Online) 1854-2476, ISSN (Print) 0351-0026, DOI: 10.2478/v10152-010-0030-9, January 2011

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Unsatisfactory cardiovascular risk control - opportunities for family medicine

Although theoretically very effective and apparently quite straightforward, cardiovascular prevention leaves much to be desired in practice. Several reasons, including ethical, conceptual, psychological, and operative pitfalls (lifestyle changes are mostly ignored; drug therapy is too often prescribed with no good reason, and performed in an episodic or on/off way) are presented in this essay. Discussed are the grounds of these aberrations and suggested are some intuitive solutions, best achievable in family practice.

Nezadostno Obvladovanje Dejavnikov Tveganja za Srčno- Žilne Bolezni - Priložnost za Družinsko Medicino

Preprečevanje srčno-žilnih bolezni je teoretično zelo učinkovito in na videz precej enostavno, vendar pa je treba v praksi na tem področju še marsikaj storiti. Prispevek opisuje razloge takšnega stanja, tj. etične, konceptualne in psihološke dejavnike ter težave pri izvajanju. Zdravljenje z zdravili prevečkrat predpišemo brez pravega razloga, poteka pa občasno in neredno. Prispevek obravnava vzroke teh slabosti in predlaga nekaj rešitev, ki jih najlaže ponudi družinska medicina.

Keywords: cardiovascular diseases; prevention; family medicine

Keywords: srčno-žilne bolezni; preprečevanje; družinska medicina

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