A Global Poincaré inequality on Graphs via a Conical Curvature-Dimension Condition

Sajjad Lakzian 1  and Zachary Mcguirk 2
  • 1 Mathematics Department, Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus Mathematics Department, Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus, , New York, USA
  • 2 Mathematics Department, Graduate Center, CUNY, , New York, USA


We introduce and study the conical curvature-dimension condition, CCD(K, N), for finite graphs.We show that CCD(K, N) provides necessary and sufficient conditions for the underlying graph to satisfy a sharp global Poincaré inequality which in turn translates to a sharp lower bound for the first eigenvalues of these graphs. Another application of the conical curvature-dimension analysis is finding a sharp estimate on the curvature of complete graphs

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