Hyperbolic Unfoldings of Minimal Hypersurfaces

Joachim Lohkamp 1
  • 1 Mathematisches Institut, Universität Münster, Einsteinstrasse 62,, Münster, Germany


We study the intrinsic geometry of area minimizing hypersurfaces from a new point of view by relating this subject to quasiconformal geometry. Namely, for any such hypersurface H we define and construct a so-called S-structure. This new and natural concept reveals some unexpected geometric and analytic properties of H and its singularity set Ʃ. Moreover, it can be used to prove the existence of hyperbolic unfoldings of H\Ʃ. These are canonical conformal deformations of H\Ʃ into complete Gromov hyperbolic spaces of bounded geometry with Gromov boundary homeomorphic to Ʃ. These new concepts and results naturally extend to the larger class of almost minimizers.

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