Broadband and scalable optical coupling for silicon photonics using polymer waveguides

Antonio La Porta 1 , Jonas Weiss 1 , Roger Dangel 1 , Daniel Jubin 1 , Norbert Meier 1 , Folkert Horst 1  and Bert Jan Offrein 1
  • 1 IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Ruschlikon, Switzerland
Antonio La Porta, Jonas Weiss, Roger Dangel, Daniel Jubin, Norbert Meier, Folkert Horst and Bert Jan Offrein


We present optical coupling schemes for silicon integrated photonics circuits that account for the challenges in large-scale data processing systems such as those used for emerging big data workloads. Our waveguide based approach allows to optimally exploit the on-chip optical feature size, and chip- and package real-estate. It further scales well to high numbers of channels and is compatible with state-of-the-art flip-chip die packaging. We demonstrate silicon waveguide to polymer waveguide coupling losses below 1.5 dB for both the O- and C-bands with a polarisation dependent loss of <1 dB. Over 100 optical silicon waveguide to polymer waveguide interfaces were assembled within a single alignment step, resulting in a physical I/O channel density of up to 13 waveguides per millimetre along the chip-edge, with an average coupling loss of below 3.4 dB measured at 1310 nm.

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