Orbits of the Asteroids Discovered at the Molėtai Observatory in 2000–2004

K. Černis 1 , I. Wlodarczyk 2 , and J. Zdanavičius 1
  • 1 Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Vilnius University, Goštauto 12, Vilnius LT-01108, Lithuania
  • 2 Chorzow Astronomical Observatory, 41-500 Chorzow, Poland


The paper presents statistics of the asteroids observed and discovered at the Molėtai Observatory, Lithuania in 2000–2004 within the project for astrometric observations of the near-Earth objects (NEOs), the main belt asteroids and comets. CCD observations of asteroids were obtained with the 35/51 cm Maksutov-type meniscus telescope and the 1.65 m Ritchey-Chretien reflector. In the Minor Planet Circulars and the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (2000–2004) we published 6629 astrometric positions of 1114 asteroids. Among them 78 were newly discovered asteroids at Molėtai, a few NEOs were found by our team independently. For the 67 asteroids discovered at Molėtai the precise orbits were calculated. Because of small number of observations, a few asteroids have low-precision orbits and some asteroids have been lost. For seven objects we present their ephemerides for 2015.

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