Excavations in 1988–1989 at the Mount Dagudui lithic quarry site in Xiangfen County, Shanxi


In 1988 and 1989, Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology conducted excavation to the Mount Dagudui lithic quarry site. The excavation unearthed about 11000 lithic products, most of which were flakes, followed by spear-shaped blanks, knife-shaped blanks, spade-shaped blanks, hoe-shaped blanks, adze-shaped blanks, chiselshaped blanks, cores, hammer stones and kitchen-knife blanks, etc. Mount Dagudui Site is very close to Taosi Site, and the shapes and categories of the stone products unearthed here are almost the same as those unearthed at the Taosi Site, and its 14C dating data are also within the chronological scopes of the Taosi Site, therefore this site is attributed to the Taosi Period. As the only lithic quarry site of the Neolithic Age found in the Linfen Basin to date, Mount Dagudui Site is significantly meaningful for the researches on the stone tool production, resource utilization and the communication among the sites in the Taosi Period.

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