Synthesis of vinca alkaloids and related compounds 991. A new heterocyclic system

Pál Csókási 1 , Eszter Gács-Baitz 1 ,  and Csaba Szántay 1
  • 1 Institute of Chemistry, Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1525, POB 17, Budapest, Hungary


Utilising our earlier intermediate obtained by the umpolung reactivity of quinolizidine enamines, a new heterocyclic system: (11bSR, 15aSR)-1,2,3,6,11,14,15,15a-Octahydro-5H-indolo [2′,3′:3,4]pyrido[2,1-j]-1,6-naphthyridin-13(12H)-one was synthesised and its biological effects evaluated. Although modest, significant and selective effects were detected.

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